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1. At the airport, the Manny Kim Yi-Han purposely grabs a baggage cart from a child so that he can tell if the child is actually having asthma or not. He advises the child's mother to bring the child to a hospital to treat the child's asthma.

2. The single Mom Suh Do-Young sees her daughter Eun-Bi off to a camp. She can't bring Eun-Bi to the camp because her little son Jung-Min is sick. Eun-Bi is not happy about Do-Young's not being able to bring her to the camp.

3. Kim Yi-Han's narration: "To take care of children, a Manny knows how to lower his voice and talk sternly. However, wouldn't a kid honestly want to hit the Manny if he sees that? A Manny's profession is to safely care for and protect children. This is exactly, Kim Yi-Han's 'know-how'."

4. Do-Young calls the maid service agency to ask for a maid. But she is told that no maid wants to come to her house because Do-Young's children played pranks on previous maids.

5. Janice, the top model of South Korea, requires the models trained by her to have a 'Chic' body with a strong six-pack. She is told by the Representative Choi that the famous Survival show of the "Next Stop Model" company will produce a show featuring Asian and Korean models. The top manager of the company will visit Korea next week, and Representative Choi suggests Janice to give it a try.

6. Yi-Han is interviewed in the TV "Different Issue" program. He says that the difference between the female nanny and a male nanny is that "There is an old saying: the female nanny may cleanse and change the child into new clothes. But, Manny dirties those clothes and play with the kids. So, when is the child the happiest? Do-Young, who is watching the program, answers, "When they are playing with Manny."

7. Janice complains that Do-Young should give kids to her ex-husband because Do-Young is too busy in her job, taking care of kids, and cleaning the house.

8. The man who is bringing Yi-Han to scheduled events is mad at Yi-Han because Yi-Han is very tired and refuses to go to the next scheduled event. The man, who is afraid of being fired, drives the car away. Since Yi-Han's bag is in the car, Yi-Han chases after the man. He stops Do-Young and asks her to help him chase after the man’s car. Since Do-Young is a beginner-driver, she fails to get close to the man's car and has a nose-bleeding.

9. Yi-Han is upset because the man who drove away the car was fired and therefore Yi-Han can't get his bag, passport, and money back. In the meantime, his credit cards are frozen because a legal case involved with the Stevenson Family has not been resolved. Yi-Han is told by his lawyer Mr. Alex Kim that Mr. Stevenson is in charge of immigration and is withholding Yi-Han's document due to Mr. Stevenson's misunderstanding of his wife's extra-marital affair with Yi- Han.

10. Janice wants to find an English teacher to improve her English so that she could negotiate with the manager of the "Next Stop Model" company.

11. Do-Young asks Hyun-Jung if it is OK to hire a Manny. Hyun-Jung comments that it will be uncomfortable with a Manny, a stranger in the house, as well as if the Manny has some feeling with Do-Young. On the other hand, something right might happen, the Manny becomes a Honey.

12. Yi-Han has to spend 100,000 Won (~UD$100) and a 1000 Won (~ US$1) tip to stay for 2 days in a shabby motel. He brings out his favorite baseball with Tom Seaver ( a great player who led the New York Mets team to victory in 1969) 's autograph which gives him encouragement and good luck. He goes on the Internet to find a part-time job.

13. Janice interviews Yi-Han and makes fun of his job - Manny. Yi-Han is irritated and says, "It is a better occupation than teaching people how to walk! Why don't you learn what's worthwhile before learning English!"

14. Since Yi-Han is broke and hungry, he immediately agrees with being a Manny for Do-Young's kids. However, before he starts this job, Do-Young hears the rumor that Yi-Han comes to Korea because he was involved in an extra-marital affair with the wife of a family where he worked as a Manny in New York. Do-Young meets Yi-Han in a cafe and scolds Yi-Han's shameful behavior. Yi-Han denies that rumor and says that the husband of that family is crazy.

15. Jung-Min pushes a kid to the ground and runs away from the day care center. Do-Young calls Janice to help to find Jung-Min. Jung-Min embraces Yi-Han from his back on the street. Janice spot Jung-Min and Yi-Han and she calls the police. In the police station, both Do-Young and Janice don't believe Yi-Han's words that Jung-Min was the one embracing him from his back. On their way home, Do-Young sees that Jung-Min embraces a stranger's back because that man wears similar winter coat as Jung-Min's father's. Do-Young realizes that she misunderstood Yi-Han.

16. Next day, she goes to the police station to get Yi-Han out and invites him to her home for a meal. She mentions the Janice has been busy in preparing a project for the Survival show for the "Next Stop Model". Yi-Han goes into the restroom to make a phone call to his friend working in that company so screw up Janice's chance.

17. Yi-Han notices a picture drawn by Jung-Min showing Jung-Min being depressed. Do-Young says that Jung Min has been having stomach pains and headache recently. He goes into Jung-Min's room and gives the baseball cap to Jung-Min as a gift as well as tells Jung-Min the great story of Tom Seaver. Tom Seaver did not get mad at a mean rival player but threw a curve ball passing across his rival's face instead of hitting his rival because Tom Seaver did not want to be the same kind of mean person as his rival was. Yi-Han asks why Jung-Min pushed his classmate down to the ground. Jung Min cries sadly and says, "I have a father, too. I have a father, too. I have a father, too. But Dong Suk always says that I don't have a father." He cries in Yi-Han's arm and Yi-Han comforts him. At the same time, Do-Young has tears in her eyes ... She puts Jung-Min to bed and recalls Yi-Han's advice, "There is one thing a mother can do. Children need the special care from their mothers when they were young, but as they grow, they need their fathers as role models to give them life's advices, which become important."

18. Janice's name is removed from the list by the "Next Stop Model" and she is told that the Manny from New York said something bad about Janice. Janice is so infuriated! Next day, she calls Yi-Han a kidnapper and objects to Yi-Han's working in her house. Yi-Han shouts to Janice, "Living with someone as an impolite, filthy, and valueless woman like you - NO! I despise that!" He leaves the house right away. Jung-Min asks when Yi-Han passes him by, "You are not coming to our house anymore?" Yi-Han receives a call from his lawyer who informs Yi-Han that an appointment has been made for Yi-Han and Yi-Han is asked to return to New York to sign a paper tomorrow. Watching Jung-Min's lonely image walking away from him, Yi-Han feels undecided.

19. Do-Young tries to convince Janice to let Yi-Han as the Manny for her children, but Janice refuses because Yi-Han made her lost the opportunity of being the host for the project of the "Next Stop Model" company.

20. At the airport, Yi-Han receives Do-Young's phone call asking him to stay because Jung-Min needs a father-like figure. Holding the baseball, Yi-Han decides to stay for Jung-Min.

21. Do-Young thinks that Janice won't get mad at Yi-Han anymore if Yi-Han could arrange a meeting between the manager of the "Next Stop Model" company and Janice. Unexpected, the manager thought that Janice is "hot" and prepares a romantic "office play", which freaks Janice out and she gets even madder at Yi-Han.

22. Eun-Bi comes back from her camp and meets Yi-Han. Eun-Bi does not think that she needs a Manny. Yi Han answers, "I give you a riddle. If you get the answer right, I'll disappear. -- The rabbit felt it was really unfair after losing, so the rabbit requested a rematch from the turtle. But then, the result was the same: turtle's victory. What do you think happened? When you figure it out, tell me. Then, I will leave right away."


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