The press conference of the drama "Manny" is held on 4/7 11:00am at

"CJ E&M Center" Media Hall located at Sang-am-dong, Seoul

( 서울 상암동 CJ E&M센터 미디어힐):

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Below is the summary of what Jisuk says in the press conference:

"It seems that I finally wear the clothes which fits me; Until now, my roles have been heavy, cold, or calloused man. This is my first comical and sweet role which is good because this is my original image."

"Through this drama, a new job is introduced to men in the Republic of Korea to consider. In fact, I like children. It is fun to act with children in this drama."

"The comical and easy-going personality of my role is like my personality."

"This character who likes to joke and is cheerful resembles myself the most"

"I really like to perform this unprecedented and fresh role who is a male nanny. Personally, I really like children and I want to perform this role even though it takes lots of energy to perform with kids."

"This role is more interesting and charming than those existing roles of pure-hearted sons of financial tycoons."

"My previous roles spoke in slow and peaceful tones. However, my role Yi-Han (이한) in this drama speaks in very fast speed more than 1 ton, which I have been working hard on this speaking way. Thus, I have been practicing the way of speech in my home. In the car, I practice by intentionally over-talking with my stylists in order to get their strong reactions."

"I either don’t cook special food really well or I do know how to cook. I don't clean really well but I know how to do laundry well. What is the secret of doing a good laundry? Read the washing-tag on the clothes before washing them."

"I open my two arms to welcome a Manny like the role Kim Yi-Han (김이한) in this drama. In the future, if I go abroad to perform for a long time, under that circumstances, I positively support my wife to hire a Manny. I like the Manny only goes to and leaves my home daily (출퇴근, 出退勤). It will be better if there is a job of Manny in the Republic of Korea."

Kim Sook (김숙), who sits beside Jisuk, praises Jisuk, "Mr. Suh Ji Suk should really be a Manny. As soon as those children actors get off the car, they go to Suh Ji Suk. He plays with kids even though he is exhausted. I would invite this kind of Manny to come to my home to passionately play with my children."

Jisuk's costar Choi Jung Yoon (plays the role Suh Do Young) says, "We all felt exhausted after filmed the whole night. However, Suh Ji Suk still played with children. He attentively joked and kissed children even though he was really exhausted after the whole-night filming."

Jisuk says, "Lee Chun Hee was the 'King of NG' in my previous drama 'GLORIA'. However, this time I become the person who has had the most NGs. I have made lots of mistakes while speaking the script dialogues, which elicited lots of laughter. Since I couldn't stand the laughter, I made more NGs."

"Originally, I had a sense of rejection against the entertainment show. However, I thought I should take the new challenge of performing in the ‘Enjoy Today’ TV program to collaborated with actors such as Jung Joon Ho and Shin Hyun Joon although I worried very much when I received the proposal of performing in the show."

"I learned the method of performing in the entertainment show from participating in the "Enjoy Today" program. I felt sorry when that program was canceled. I still keep in touch with my costars of "Enjoy Today'".


[OST] Drama "Manny" - The Sky of Love (하늘이 준 사랑, sung by 5tion)