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Episode 2 (4/14/2011)

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1. Yi-Han wants to throw away Jung Min's books because he objects to little kids spending more than 6 hours a day to just read books. On the other hand, he requests Eun-Bi to spend 1 hour a day to read books.

2. Eun-Bi does not like Yi Han. The only way that Yi-Han leaves is that she could resolve the "Rabbit and Turtle" riddle. Do-Young's answer is that the rabbit got a stomach ache so that it lost to the turtle. Janice's answer is that the rabbit got bribed so that it purposely lost to the turtle.

3. Do-Young thinks that Yi Han is too arrogant.

4. Do-Young could not go to the Volunteer School meeting because she has to go to the clothes factory. Jon Suk's mother is famous for gossiping. Then, Yi-Han attends the meeting for Do-Young. Yi Han suggests replace the Chocolate Pudding (planned by Jon-Suk's mother) with the Banana Strawberry Shake because Chocolate Pudding has too much fat while Banana Strawberry Shake contains vitamin in the drink. Jon-Suk's mother is surprised to learn that Yi-Han lives in the home of Do-Young.

5. Yi-Han wants to start to treat Jung-Min's depression. He wants Jung-Min to let out of the agony from his heart.

6. Yi-Han and Janice quarrel over the safety issue of putting fitness equipments in Janice's room. Yi-Han thinks that Janice is lack of manner and maturity since she was a toddler. He suggests Janice to eat more fish because the protein of fishes would help develop Janice's brain and heart!

7. Jung-Min cries and says out loud that he really misses his father after Yi-Han entices him with the Boxing tactic.

8. Hyun-Jung spot that mothers gather to gossip with Jon-Suk's mother. They gossip that Do-Young cheated her ex-husband and then divorced so that she could live with another man in her house. Thus, Do-Young demands Eun-Bi not to play with Jon-Suk anymore. Do-Young wants to make costumes for kids attending the Piano Performance next month and she does not want Jon-Suk's mother to know about it.

9. The president of an advertisement company selecting models for making magazine photo shoots likes Yi-Han's fresh style, and he requests Janice for Yi-Han as the model.

10. Jon-Suk's mother brings pretty sample of children stage costumes for mothers when Do-Young brings her hand-made costumes to those mothers. Do-Young leaves in disappointment. She demands Eun-Bi not to play with , get close to, and speak to Jon-Suk when she sees that Eun-Bi speaks to Jon-Suk, which upsets both Eun-Bi and Jon-Suk.

11. Janice finally asks Yi-Han to be the model for the advertisement contract. They bicker again about each other's lacking of manner. Yi-Han finally agrees with modeling for Janice with a condition that Janice has to move those fitness equipments out of her room so that there won't be any children injury.

12. Yi-Han learns from Dong-Yi that Eun-Bi has been angry and crying a lot recently (she never cried before).

13, Yi-Han goes to talk to Eun-Bi who is playing a video game. Yi-Han says that he will teach Eun-Bi how to play the "Raizen Blade" game if she draws a picture. Then, Yi-Han talks to Do-Young about Eun-Bi after he finds out from Eun-Bi's picture that she shows that she is under a great stress. Yi-Han warns Do-Young that the stress is coming from the fight between Do-Young and Jon Suk's mother.

14. Yi-Han wants to have a Magic Show in which Eun-Bi, Jon Suk, and other kids are invited to the event. Yi-Han asks Dong-Yi to help to get Jon-Suk and Eun-Bi attend the event. In the Magic Show, Yi-Han purposely asks Eun-Bi and Jon-Suk to get into a magic container so that they will speak out their true feelings from their hearts inside the dark container. In the meantime, Yi-Han arranges Do-Young and Jon Suk's mother coming to hear the conversations between Eun-Bi and Jon-Suk. Both Eun-Bi and Jon-Suk cry out loud while their mothers are listening to their crying. Yi-Han asks two mothers not to make their children cry anymore! Do-Young uncovers the magic container and apologizes to Jon-Suk. Jon-Suk's Mom and Do-Young reconcile with each other.

15. Janice's secretary has a crush on Yi-Han. Yi-Han shows up at the filming studio for the advertisement photo shoots. He does a wonderful job during the photo shoots. Afterwards, Janice asks Yi-Han to take a shower so that she could play a trick by taking away all of Yi-Han's clothes while he is taking a shower. Then, she puts a bag with a pink ballet costume inside the dressing room for Yi-Han to have clothes to wear under this unexpected circumstances. In the meantime, Janice uses her cell phone camera to record Yi-Han's wearing the pink ballet costume, sneaking out of the studio.

16. Next morning, Yi-Han goes to the fitness center and he notices that women are holding cell phones and talking something behind his back about his being a "Pervert". Hyun Jung tells Yi-Han to check out a video posted by Janice on the Internet. Yi-Han screams out loud as soon as he sees the video on Internet showing him wearing the pink ballet costume with the title "The No. 1 Manny in tights of the Republic of Korea "!!

17. At the end of Episode 2, Yi-Han gives out some tips of taking care of children:

"Hello, I am Super Manny Kim Yi-Han. The weather is going nicer these days. But, because of the pollen, children may have trouble and you can't have the children play at home either. So, I'll give you one good tip: Make a fresh drink with apricots, pomegranates, and broccoli. It's a great drink without sugar, and it tastes great! Children will probably like it, especially after exercising! Next week's 'Manny', please love and anticipate it!!


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