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The representative of the "SJ Entertainment" asks Eun-Bi to attend the upcoming audition as a singer. However, Do-Young disallows Eun-Bi to have the dream of becoming a singer because she worries that Eu-Bi might become a beggar in the future if she does not focus on studying.

On the other hand, Yi-Han encourages Eun-Bi to have her dream of becoming what she wants to do. In order to bring Eun-Bi to the audition, Yi-Han jokingly tells Do-Young that he has a date with a woman in the afternoon. As soon as Do-Young learns that Eun-Bi is in the audition, she immediately goes to the "SJ Entertainment" to abruptly take Eun-Bi out of the audition. She warns Yi-Han not to go over the boundary as a Manny because she is the one responsible for Eun-Bi and making decision for Eun-Bi's future. Then, Yi-Han quits his job and leaves for the USA. In the meantime, Do-Young really misses Yi-Han.

Eun-Bi is determined to run away from home and she tells Do-Young that Yi-Han was the person who made her stay when she wanted to run away from home last time, which surprises Do-Young. Do-Young slaps Eun-Bi when Eun-Bi questions Do-Young if Do-Young is her step-mother because Do-Young has always disallowed her to do the things she likes.

Jung-Min informs Yi-Han that Eun-Bi disappeared. Yi-Han finds Eun-Bi at the Stars Hand-Prints Boulevard and brings her to eat pizza. Do-Young rushes to get Eun-Bi as soon as she receives Yi-Han's phone call. Yi-Han and Eun-Bi are at the place where Yi-Han left for the USA when he was 8 years old. Yi-Han shows Do-Young the image of Eun-Bi who is trying her best to practice her audition song. Yi-Han urges Do-Young to applaud for Eun-Bi's endeavor.

Even though Eun-Bi is disqualified in the audition, Do-Young still gives her the best encouragement and says that she loves Eun-Bi very much! Eun-Bi says that she changes her mind and she wants to be an actress. This time, Do-Young gives approval to Eun-Bi's wish.

One of Janice's female models Jin Soo does not have good work ethics but she is the niece of CEO Bae, one of the investors of Janice's company. The PD decides not to use any model from Janice's agency because Jin Soo insultes him. She even threats Janice not to fire her because of the importance of her uncle's investment. Then, Jin Soo spread rumors about Janice on Internet, which infuriates Janice! Finally, Janice finds Jin Soo in a bar where Jin Soo's boyfriend plays billiards with his friends. Yi-Han goes to the bar after Do-Young asks him to bring Janice home. Yi-Han fends off Jin Soo's boyfriend and others by his agile baseball skill and catches a ball thrown to Janice from Jin Soo! His cool behavior impresses Janice greatly!


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