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After Do-Young's confession, Yi-Han sinks into deep thought about his decision.

He looks at the airline electronic ticket with the departure date on 12/10 ....

Jaice is praised about her new short hair style.

Jung-Min likes his classmate Suh-Hee but he does not know how to attract her mind.

Yi-Han thinks about Janice's upset warning about not being able to live in the same house with him.

Janices wants to help Lee Joon Ki to become successful so that he can show his self-esteem in front of Shin Ki-Roo who just dumped him.

Jung-Hyun suggests Do-Young to show her beauty in front of Yi-Han by wearing a red sexy dress. She convinces Do-Young to go to the baseball park where Jung-Min is practicing baseball with his teammates.

Yi-Han is watching Jung-Min practicing baseball and he does not like other children's mothers' commenting that he is handsome. At this moment, Do-Young comes with her sexy dress. Those mothers comment that Do-Young shows up to seduce her Manny Yi-Han. Yi-Han, who is fed up with those gossips, stands up and seriously tells those mothers that he and Jung-Min's mother only have simple employer-employee relationship and he would not have love relationship with his female employer.

Upon hearing Yi-Han's words, Do-Young apologizes to Yi-Han and she runs away to home and she feels embarrassed of what she just done.

Yi-Han is reading a book to Jung-Min. Jung-Min says that Suh-Hee makes his heart throb and he asks if this is called 'Love'. Yi-Han asks Jung-Ming what Suh-Hee likes the most. Jung-Min answers, "She likes to play piano the most."

Since Jung-Min does not know how to use two hands to play piano, Yi-Han helps Jung-Min to practice piano by using two fingers. On their way home, Yi-Han carries Jung-Min on his back. Jung-Min asks Yi-Han if he likes any woman. Yi-Han answers, "I still can’t confess my love till now." Jung-Min encourages Yi-Han, "You have to confess soon! I will help you!"

Do-Young falls asleep on the sofa. Yi-Han carries her to her bed. He almost kisses her, but instead, he says to her, "I am sorry!"

Yi-Han arranges a 'Love Concert' for Jung-Min and Suh-Hee to play a piano duet in front of children. Yi-Han asks Suh-Hee to kiss on Jung-Min's cheek after Jung-Min and Suh-Hee played the song well.

Hyun Jung urges Yi-Han to make decision soon because Do-Young has been drinking and she has been in sad mood after she confessed to Yi-Han.

Janice calls Do-Young that she is on her way home now.

Yi-Han is pondering about his final decision while he is thinking about Hyun Jung's advice that he should make up his mind as soon as possible so that Do-Young won't be burdened by her confession anymore.

Do-Young writes Yi-Han's name all over the sketch paper. She spots a roll of red thread and follows the thread to Yi-Han's room. The red thread leads to Yi-Han's heart and his propose ring! Yi-Han says, "I apologize for causing you difficulty during this period of time."

Yi-Han embraces Do-Young and asks, "Do you hear the sound of my heart. Now it beats because of you (ajuma). Do you understand what I mean?" With tears on her face, Do Young answers, "I hear it ... I hear it clearly!"

~~~ Very ROMANTIC!! ~~~


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