5/3: The news agency "Sports Seoul" releases the interview of Jung Da Bin who plays the role Eun-Bi in "Manny". She mentions about Jisuk:

She has always respected senior actors, actresses, and staffs. In respect to her costars Choi Jung Yoon and Suh Ji Suk, she says, "Choi Jung Yoon is affectionate (다정, 多情) like an elder sister" and "Suh Ji Suk is very handsome and I like him as my uncle." In fact, she shows exceptionally cautious behavior toward others. Suh Ji Suk says, "In the beginning, she was very quiet and therefore I did not know what to say to her. However, as time goes by, we become very close after she let prople know what's in her mind."


Actress Byun Jung Soo, who debuted as a model, and Suh Ji Suk's dizzy embracing scene is made public in their tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama "Manny". Since they seem to slam each other in every single issue happened in each episode, the embracing scene of Janice and Yi-Han becomes a subject of talks.

Last week, Yi-Han revenged to Janice after he felt hurt as to his image of wearing ballet costume and sneaking out of the studio being posted on Internet by Janice for whom he had photo shoots as a model.

Moreover, Janice is troubled by a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against her by a model managed by her and Yi-Han is the one suggested the lawsuit. So far, they have been showing 'fights' between them more than 'sweetness' between them.

However, this time the embracing scene in which Byun Jung Soo's role's image of falling in love with Suh Ji Suk's role as well as Suh Ji Suk's role's image of looking at her make people think if it is a start of love between them, which attracts people's keen attentions

Although the triangle relationship among Byun Jung Soo's role, her younger sister Suh Do-Young (played by Choi Jung Yoon) who lives in the same house, and Yi-Han who sincerely takes care of the kids has not formed yet, who will be Yi-Han's final lover has been drawing attentions.


Suh Jisuk, who is affectionately performing as a male nanny in tvN's new drama "Manny", gives TV viewers joyfulness through his multiple images.

Prior to this drama, he played a little bit deep and heavy roles in his previous dramas, but this time he exhibits a different character owned by him.

Especially, he gives a big funny gift to the TV viewers and announces the "Yi-Han" character in Episode 2 by wearing a ballet costume arranged by Janice having a grudge against him.

After the broadcasting, TV viewers leaves their messages as to Suh Jisuk's transformation of his performance attracts their attentions such as "I like this side of Suh Jisuk" and "Although Suh Jisuk's 'Cold-Urbane Man (차도남)' roles were great, but this charming Manny role he plays is charismatic."

After the broadcasting of the first episode with the special subject, fast-paced development, and the childcare knowledge, this drama receives lots of loves from women in their 20s~30s. Thus, Episode 2 breaks the cable drama TV rating by scoring 1% rating.

The Episode 3 portrays the interesting storylines about Yi-Han's revenge to Janice (played by Byun Jung Soo) after the embarrassing ballet costume incident.


"My child has allergy symptoms" "What to do about my child not eating meals?"

Actor Suh Ji Suk is consulted with (상담, 商談) the childcare problems.

The lead actor Suh Ji Suk of the new tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Manny' has highly attracted many women.

Manny stands for Man+Nanny, and the term of male nanny is strange and new to Korea.

Suh Ji Suk not only acts his role Yi-Han in the drama but he also offers solutions as to the childcare problems to the TV viewers via "Ask Manny a Question" event at the end of the episode.

He has received praises from TV viewers such as "I wish I have this kind of Manny", "Suh Ji Suk's childcare information goes into my ear", "This is indeed the needed drama for women taking care of children."

In the meantime, Suh Ji Suk has been gradually increasing his power of attracting female fans who are older than him.

The 3rd episode of 'Manny' will be broadcasted at 9:00pm, 4/20.

WOW!! The search for Jisuk - (Suh Ji Suk MANNY) goes up to NO.1 at 17:26 on 4/19!! Bravo!!


Suh Ji Suk shows his embarassing scene in the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Manny' by wearing a ballet costume (발레복, 芭蕾舞服) which causes a burst of laughter.

In the 2nd episode, Suh Ji Suk demonstrates his whole-body comical acting skill. He shows his nervous image when he wears a pink ballet costume in an embarrasing atmosphere, which matches the 'Ballerina No (발레리NO)' Team of the KBS "GAG Comcert (개그콘서트)" entertainment program. This scene attract more people's attention than his 'Cold-Urbane Man (차도남, 都市冷酷男)' image accumulated during his recent dramas.

Suh Ji Suk, whose hidde humor was finally seen from his recent participation in the entertainment programs, says, "Now I wear the clothes which fits my body. People could see my genuine cheerful personality from the character I play in 'Manny'."